Our Story

The concept of Papas Toybox LLC developed from the lack of finding quality U.S. Military Surplus stores in the upper midwest. The surplus found in the local stores was mostly foreign, had a very limited selection of U.S. items, generally catered to the paintball and airsoft crowds, and in our opinion was overpriced. To correct these deficiencies, Papas Toybox was started as an online (papas-toybox.com) and mobile "U.S. Military Surplus and more vendor", providing quality U.S. Military Surplus and other items without the costly overhead of a brick and mortar store. For those that have seen us at area gun shows and shooting events, we bring the old time surplus store to you by having available a little bit of a lot of different items. Many of our customers have visited us at Gun and Knife Shows in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and South Dakota. The photo below was taken in August 2019 at the Ahlmans Shooters Roundup in Morristown, MN. 2020 will be our 5th year as a principal vendor for the event.

Our name derives from the one given to me by my oldest granddaughter when she first started to talk "Papa", and as every parent knows, "You never know what you'll find in a toybox"! As we have grown we have seen many of the same issues we encountered with military surplus in the outdoor and sporting goods areas. Overpriced product at the large Brick and Mortar stores. Our experience with military surplus allows us to provide you, the customer, with an outstanding buying experience, a large selection of brand name products, and reasonable prices.

Papa and Boss Lady

(Bob and Sue)

Sue and I have spent many years together and love meeting customers, other vendors, and people with similar interests as ours. I grew up within walking distance of a nice bass fishing lake in Illinois and spent most of my summers with a fishing rod in hand. As I got older hunting became my passion with squirrel, rabbit, quail, pheasant, turkey, deer, and bear taking up my time. When I was 18 I enlisted in the Illinois Army National Guard as an 11C Indirect Fire Infantryman. I am a graduate of Harmony Church, Ft. Benning Georgia and stayed in the Guard for 10 years.

Sue grew up in Northern Minnesota where fishing and hunting was a way of life then and still is today. Most of her family still resides in that area and still loves the outdoor sports.

Bear, Mandy, and the "Behind the Scenes Crew"

(Jeremy, Amanda, Tony, Ryan, Davey, and Heather)

Bear, Mandy and their family have been an integral part of the growth and success of Papas Toybox and will continue to do so as we move forward with our PapasOutdoors.com venture. Both Bear and Mandy are also from Northen Minnesota and have grown up with fishing and hunting. All of the "Crew" love fishing, with Davey being the one with "the bug". The two oldest boys (Tony and Ryan) have already started deer hunting and look forward to deer camp every year. Heather always makes sure Papa doesn't work too hard and takes breaks, eats meals, and drinks plenty of fluids when working.

Papas Toybox LLC. - Welcome to Papas Outdoors!

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